CITY COUNCIL & STAFF HAVE VIOLATED OUR CIVIL RIGHTS July 15, 2013:  Cap Cape Taxes demands  explanation on 1st Amendment Rights  violations. Council Member McGrail’s response:  EMAIL EVIDENCE CITY HAD NO AUTHORITY TO REMOVE OUR PEACEFUL ASSEMBLY July 23, 2013: In a series of emails between  retired City Attorney Richard Kudla and the City  Clerk’s office, it has been established that the  city cannot show that it had just cause and  authority to disperse our assembly on June 5th,  2013.  (read the emails)  The emails indicated  that the legal department that ordered the  police to disperse our group has “nothing on  file” to back up their actions.  NEW ELECTRIC TAX April 29, 2013: The Cape Coral City Council thwarted democracy using the power  of censorship to silence our fellow citizens.  Hundreds of our neighbors and friends  had gathered at a city council meeting to publicly debate the merits of a newly  proposed 7% electric tax.  They were prepared to speak, and expected to be heard  by their elected officials.  Many of them wanted to explain why increasing taxes  were not a good idea.  With many of our citizens in foreclosure, a high  unemployment rate, a sluggish real estate market, and over 12 percent of our  citizens below poverty level, raising city taxes did not make sense.  Cape Coral is  already collecting more taxes than most other governments in Florida.  Shouldn’t  they be helping their citizens to survive?  Citizens started demanding for  something to be done.  It became apparent that six out of eight members of city council are  syndicated  to raise Cape Coral taxes, and allowing taxpayer money to be spent foolishly.  In this year alone, we citizens will experience a new 7% Electric Tax on top of the  3% franchise fee they already collect; a 5% water rate increase and a proposed  new Fire Assessment on our property tax   bill.  The city council has a duty to  honor the mandates of its   citizens.  We intend to create a legal mandate through  a voter referendum that will allow citizens to decide  whether or not taxes should  be limited.  We believe it is time to take control of our destiny.  Please join us in  our effort to cap Cape Coral taxes. Welcome We Are Not Your ATM!!! Sponsored by Cap Cape Taxes A political committee registered in Lee County, Florida JOIN US IN OUR BATTLE TO CAP CAPE CORAL TAXES